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Our Team

B.K. Samantaray


Phone No. - 8800273066

I  B.K. Samantaray, hereby acknowledge Our firm since 1989 has always tried our best to produce and supply products to our esteemed customers best build at best price.The firm has shown its consistency in making quality products since the very beginning to its already existing three decades of business life. We completely believe in “come as a guest, go as a family” motto; aiming to give highest priority to our customers needs & requirements and also trying to render the best possible services both to our customers and equipments, timely and necessarily with utmost care & priority.
I personally take charge & responsibility at the development of our products to meeting the demand of new market trends & technology only to serve the best to our much deserving market / customers.
Mr. Bijay & his efforts & Achivements, Aims & Principles Designation.

Sanjay Kumar Samantaray


Phone No. - 8114360666

K.K Samantaray


Priyadarshi Swain

Manager – Business Development

Phone No. - 9238300239

Our team, finds its utmost pleasure in serving our much valued customers. We deliver our very best when it comes to our customers with all dimension i.e product, service, communication & customer enquiry / complains, all being treated with utmost personal attention as possible. Our PR team takes immense pleasure in serving all our clients and customers enquires and post sales communication.
We try our best and provide quality communication & medium of propaganda to on and all of our customers at all days of a year. Our customer database is our one of the best prized to hold & honor  ‘n’ serve medals.
Adhering to our esteems motto “Come As A Guest & Go As A Family”

Manoranjan Tripathy

Head – Quality Control

Phone No. - 9437230784

Our team, is all about making all our products for our customers & today’s dynamics of market needs and requirements,up-to-date and always stay a step ahead at quality & technology.
My team is very inclined towards the motto of serving our customers / market requirements tentatively, professionally & equally to our products”
Our here in “JYOTI” puts constant and consistent efforte towards making new progress & reforms in the technology, presentation & quality work into one & all in all range at our products.

Laxmipriya Pattanaik


Karunakar Behera


Phone No. - 9439942393

Monoj Pradhan

Sr. Technician

Phone No. - 9778704021

Chita Ranjan Muduli


Phone No. - 9438309785

Umakanta Pradhan


Phone No. - 7504592355

Deepak Pradhan


Phone No. - 9337059766

Preeti Mohanty

Junior Technician

Ganeswar Ghadei

Carriage In-Charge