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Isolation & Control Transformers

Isolation transformer is one that contains two windings: Primary and Secondary winding, that are separated from each other but wound on the same Iron core. The secondary that governs the output is, in this manner, separated from the input. Input and output are totally independent of each other except for the magnetic linkage between the two.

Power line isolation can be provided to avoid component damages when using test instruments.

There are two kinds of Isolation Transformers:
1. Shielded type Isolation Transformer

2. Ultra Isolation Transformer

The results of an Ultra Isolation transformer are:

  • It provides a perfectly balanced neutral at ‘zero’ potential and neutral can be used by grounding it.
  • The supply of the output is free from all surges/spikes and so called electrical noise, which predominantly is present on the input side.
  • Since the output is totally isolated from the input, any short circuits or faults on the primary side are not reflected on the secondary, thus avoiding damage to the sensitive electrical equipment.


Due to Delta/Star three limbed construction the input currents get fairly balanced even though there is unbalancing of loads on the output.